Art of Dance

This is a post no one has really been waiting for but here it is all the same. This piece has been trying to come out for three? About three weeks. But I had yet to find the right words.

Still don’t think I have.

And I’m about to start in a way I never thought I would. With a Disney quote. A Little Mermaid one no less. Well.

Here goes nothing.

“Dancing is language that is felt instead of heard. You can whisper scream or shout without so much as a word…just let your emotions your emotions tell your body what to do. And see how much a single gesture can reveal. And every little step. Every single step. Is one step closer. To saying what you feel” -Little Mermaid

Ok actually that song might be just in show. I could’ve sworn it was in the movie but Google says it’s not.

But that’s besides the point.

Dancing is…it takes you somewhere else. It transforms you into someone else.

I’ve done all sorts of dance in my years alive. I’ve done street performing, had a step team which went to hip-hop and lyrical. Pole danced for a few years. Played choreographer for a few shows.

Now the only dancing I do is in front of whatever partner I find myself trying to “impress” or when I’m with the one or two close girlfriends I’ve managed to keep at a club when we get the floor going.

But I can still feel the feeling that I can’t explain when I hear that one song. That I manage to lose myself in and capture whatever crowd I find myself in.

I’ve been in plenty of rough places. Dance has gotten me out of some of it. Won a few bets, misdirected the attention of whoever was needed.

Like anything else I do though I do it with purpose. I don’t do it half heartedly. And really that’s what separates.

I couldn’t tell you why people’s attention gets caught when I dance. Just like I couldn’t begin to explain to you how people find me beautiful or how I’m still sane after all the stuff that’s happened to me in this short life.

These days I prefer to be behind the camera. Behind  the scenes because out of sight is out of mine and I’d rather keep me hidden.

But sometimes.

Like a butterfly breaking from its cocoon I fly. I captivate with whatever “beauty” I’ve been hiding.

And dance.

And convey emotions better then I ever do.




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