Talking Taboo- Ageplay

This is my second post in the Talking Taboo Section of my blog.  Hope you enjoy 😛

If you have spent any amount of time on my blog you probably have heard me, though not directly mention my interest in age-play.

This is considered a “taboo” kink because the simple matter is many don’t understand it. They think its promoting child pornography and encouraging pedophiles.

Let me clear that up. It’s not.

Ageplay is a form of BDSM. In the BDSM world it is looked at typically as ddlg (daddy dom/little girl) or mdlb (mommy dom/little boy).

It is a relationship between two (typically) consenting adults where one partner adopts a more nurturing, almost parent like role.

It has also been said that the “mindset” behind this kink stems from having “daddy issues” as a child. I nor have anyone I have encountered is like that though I’m not saying that occasionally this isn’t the case.

Being in Little Space is similar to being in Sub Space. We feel safe and protected and often adopt (depending on the age of the little) child like tendencies such as playing with stuffed animals, coloring or wanting to watch Disney movies nonstop (though that could just be me). We tend to call our partner daddy or mommy and adopt a childlike innocence as well.

There is nothing wrong with us, just there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be adventurous during sex or the entire bdsm umbrella. It, like liking chocolate or vanilla ice cream is just a preference.

RACK- Stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink and the world of BDSM falls under these important guidelines.

Sex is really at the end of the day about trust and this is no different.


Look I don’t want to force anything onto you. We are all our own people and that’s what makes us great. I personally am into this but ta doesn’t mean you have to be.

It’s literally as simple as it being a preference.

Maybe people don’t agree but hey, this is Talking Taboo



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