Gang Life Part 11

Wow its been ages since I’ve touched this story. I guess it was time.

I awake with my head on Nicolas’s chest. I can’t say that I was surprised if I’m perfectly honest.

I was even less so to see him staring with a grin on his face. “We really have to stop meeting like this”

“Agreed” I reply rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “What time is it?”

“Almost 4:30”

“What?” I say in distress glancing at the clock beside the bed. It reads 4:26. “Shit shit shit shit shit.” I say throwing my jacket on and looking for my phone.

Nicolas,bewildered says “What?”

“I’m late” I say by way of explanation. “Listen I’ll explain later but right now I really have to go” he nods and lets me go. Running through the halls I’m sure I look like a madwoman braiding my hair and texting Ava as I run.

Ava: Girl where are you??? Fight starts in 30 minutes!!

Me: Long story involving Nicolas. No time to explain. I’m in a dress and have NO TIME to run home and change. Think you can hook me up?

Ava: You don’t mean Nicolas Rider do you? Alex wouldn’t be very happy if he heard that.

Me: Fuck Alex. And yes like I said long story. Think you can help me with attire though?

Ava: You are so cutting it close but I’ll see what I can do. You def owe me. 

Me: Thanks Ava. I’ll be there in 15. Hopefully.

Ava: You better or I swear I’ll kick your ass myself. And you know I can.

Me: Noted

And I start running even faster. It’ll take a miracle to get me there.

Hey. Short part today but I’m getting back into writing the series. So whats this big fight we left in such a hurry. Is Nick going to follow. Whose’s Ava? More importantly whose Alex and whats his deal.

Leave your questions and thoughts in the comments.

Sorry for all the loose ends but hope you enjoyed anyway. I missed writing this series.

Also both of my sites are under construction so sorry for the temporary mess. But let me know what you guys think!






2 thoughts on “Gang Life Part 11

  1. You have it moving it again with a lot of open ends… ☺️ Glad to see you writing again and expressing yourself. ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hopefully it won’t be as long as a wait to finish the open ends. I’m glad to keep it going to. In its own spot on the top of my blog page


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