A-Z Challenge (Naughty version)

I challenge you to do your own

A- Age Play (Or aftercare)


C- Clamps

D- Dick (Sorry couldn’t help that one)

E- Erotica (Reading and Writing)

F- Facial

G- Gags

H- Hogtie

I- Impact Play

J- Couldn’t think of one

K- Kink

L- Large breasts (or small honestly)

M-  Maids (Being dressed as one)

N- Naughty

O- Orgasms

P- Paddling (Technically impact play?)

Q- Queening (The idea of. I’ve never actually done it)

R- Riding Crop (Impact play again…) (Or rope)

S- St Andrews Cross (Those are fun)

T- Temperature play

U- Uniform Play (I seem to do this a lot)

V-  Vibrator (or violet wand)

W- Wax Play

X- Xenophilia (Is that how we spell that?)

Y- Yes

Z- Zelophila (I really can’t spell)

So I’m really not sure why I did this, but I did lol. Hope you enjoyed and inspired to do your own?




4 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge (Naughty version)

  1. This is a fun read and a great way to share your naughty desires ☺️I’m going to have to file this away as an idea to work on for a future post…love it. (B) Big Black Cock (C) Cuckolding (D) Domination (S) Submission…just a few that may make my list….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Me? I think you may be the tease young lady 😈

        Liked by 1 person

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